Dress Code

At The Janice Marshall Stage School, we encourage our students look the part for their classes. We kindly ask that all our students follow the below guidelines in order for them to look and feel like professional artists.

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  • Hair should always be in a Ballet Bun with grips and fine elasticated hairnets. (If student has short hair, it should be pulled back from face). NO fancy scrunches around the bun.

  • Ballet shoes must have elastic across the ankle to support the foot. (Ribbons are used from Grade 4 onwards, split soles from Grade 6 onwards).

  • Socks should be plain Pink Ballet socks - not coloured or frilly.

  • Only crossover cardigans should be worn over leotards.

  • Names should be on all items of uniform to enable us to identify items of clothing. 

  • At breaks between classes, please give your child a drink only. No crisps, biscuits etc. unless the student has 45mins between classes. 




  • Jewellery should not be worn during classes.

  • Pants should not be worn under leotards, only tights or thongs.

  • Character Shoes and Skirts are needed for students from Grade 1 onwards. Please note: No Cuban Heels before Grade 3.

  • Tap Shoes: Nursery Class are to wear Silver, Glitter or Pink Tap Shoes. Pre Primary - Grade 1 classes are to wear Pink Tap Shoes with toe and heel taps. Grade 2 onwards are to wear Black Tap Shoes.

  • Tap Shoes: We advise teletone toe taps from Grade 2 onwards. All of our supplied Tap Shoes are pre-fitted with teletone taps. Again, no Cuban Heels before Grade 4. 

  • Valuables should be brought into class. Do not leave valuables in the dressing rooms.


  • Jazz Shoes: White split soled shoes should be worn until Grade 2. Black shoes from Grade 3 onwards.

  • Street Dance Classes should wear Jazz Sneakers. 

  • Leotard unifrom colours are as follows: Nursery and Pre-School - Pink / Pre-Primary & Primary - Marine Blue / Grade 1 & 2 - Lavender / Grade 3 & 4 - Red / Grade 5 - Navy / Grade 6 - Navy & Georgette Skirt.

  • Uniform Black leggings should be worn for Tap and Modern Exams as advised. 

  • Convertible tights should be worn from Grade 3 onwards.

  • Items of recommended dance and practise wear are available to buy from Jackie Kerr or Margaret Kelly at Reception any Saturday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. 


For enquires regarding uniform, please contact Vanessa on 07563185792


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